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  • Vintage Mid-Century Celluloid Santa LOT-6 pieces

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    This consists of 1 larger 4 ½” high Light Cover Ornament, and 5 smaller Santa Suction Cups décor pieces.   I’m guessing they are all from the 40’s or 50’s.  The only flaws I find on the larger Santa is slight scarring on the front of his boots.  Keep in mind when viewing the close-up that the damage is only a 3/8” x 1” spot. (it’s really hard to tell what may have happened, but the damage is minor and could easily be touched up with some black paint!), and a small spot on his back that resembles a fingerprint.  I’ve includes close-up images of the flaws.  He is otherwise in great condition with most of the original paint intact.  The 5 suction cup Santa’s measure 3 ½” high, plus an extra 1 ¼” for the springs and suction cups, and are also in great shape with no visible signs of damage or repair.   The suction cups are still pliable (the photo shows it sticking to glass) and are attached to the Santa figures with springs.  You can tell these were hand applied because no two sets of springs match the others.  I’m not sure how long the suction will stick, but it does work!   I first thought they may be Irwin Santas, but they could also be Rosbro.