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  • Vintage Earthenware Biscuit Barrel Jar - Handpainted Lemon Tree

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    Such a wonderfully unique piece!  This lovely barrel shaped biscuit jar is hand painted in the center section with lemons, leaves, and white blossoms, trimmed in gold, and is a solid shade of soft brown on the upper and  lower sections.  The rim, handle, and lid are silverplated, and very nice quality.  The finial has a unique cone shape with a coined edge, and is secured with a wing nut.  Overall very nice condition, with only minor dings to the silver and some age crazing and discoloration to the inside and bottom.  The jar remains structurally sound.  There is no signature to the painted section, no hallmarks on the silver, and no mark on the porcelain.  The only identifying mark I can find is a small handpainted `500' on the bottom of the jar.

    The work bears a striking resemblance to Taylor, Tunnicliffe & Co., Staffordshire, who produced this type of pottery from 1868-1898, but I'm more inclined to believe it is from the 1910-1920's.

    It measures 7 ¾" to top of finial, 9" to top of handle.  The jar by itself measures 5 ¾" to top of jar, and about 5 ½" in diameter.