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  • RARE Antique Silverplate Lidded Sugar Tea casket box Etrog NORBLIN & Co., WARSZAWA – Circa 1870s

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    The Norblin mark dates this piece to between 1872 and 1882 (Russia or Poland).   This nice piece could have been used for a number of things, though most likely for sugar or tea.  It measures 5 ½” wide, 4 ½” deep, and 3 ½” high.   It has 4 ball feet which at some point in time, felt was applied to protect it from scratching.  It is engraved on all 4 sides as well as the lid.  The lid has a place where it could be monogrammed, but this one is not.  The latch works well, simply press the button and lift.  It is marked ‘Norblin & Co., GALW:, WARSZAWA. (with a dot) in an oval, N in a diamond, an S above and a B below the number 1354.’   Condition is excellent with only expected minor dings from use.