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  • Painted Lacquer Japan Smoking Set

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    This Vintage mid century smoking set consists of a table lighter and large ashtray.  Lacquer ware is usually made of wood, but the weight is heavier, indicating ceramic or pottery.   They are handpainted with a Japanese or Asian theme over a dark red base, then finished with a glossy lacquer coat.  The lighter insert is brass and marked ‘Japan’.  The ashtray and lighter base are not marked.  The lighter has been used and the flint appears good.  There is no fuel.  Lighter measures about 3” high, and is 2 ¼” square with rounded edges.  The ashtray measures 8 7/8” square, also with rounded corners.  These are in wonderful vintage condition with only very slight scratch marks and lacquer loss around the the edges.   Pieces are heavy for their size and priced reflects condition.