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  • Five pc LOT Antique Pot Metal Rhinestone Heavy Coat Buttons - Large and Heavy

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    These 5 buttons are the same diameter as a quarter, 3/8" high (1/2" if you include the shank extention), and very heavy.  I'm not sure how to test for Lead or Pewter, so to be safe, I'm classifying them as Pot Metal.  Each button has 7 stones (measuring about 7mm each), and weighs 14.9 grams.  The button body does not attract a magnet, but the actual shank does, so they may be steel.  There is also a ball that attaches the shank, and they look like they may have been painted silver at some point.

    The photography was done against a black background as well as white to give a clear picture of the buttons.   The stones sparkle nicely in the light, but at some angles, they appear to have a milky or opalescent coloring.  In fantastic condition for their age.